Product description

Versatile workout without leaving your home

Zipro Neon is a magnetic elliptical bike, thanks to which you can have a fitness workout at home any time. This equipment activates all muscle groups, stimulating your cardiovascular system at the same time.

During your elliptical bike exercises you burn calories and lose weight to become slender. You also improve your fitness. A regular workout exerts a positive impact both on the physical aspects and on your overall wellbeing.

Product basic features

  • It will be great even in small flats thanks to its optimum dimensions
  • It has special transport castors so you can change its location easily
  • Thanks to wide base profiles, its structure is stable and safe
  • The non-slip surface on large footplates improves the comfort of workout
  • The magnetic resistance system used is fault-proof and guarantees smooth movements
  • You monitor your workout on an easy-to-operate computer
  • 8 easily adjustable resistance levels
  • Profiled handles covered with high-quality foam
  • You work out whenever you feel like

699 PLN manufacturer's suggested price
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A cutting-edge system and robust structure

Reliable magnetic resistance

The magnetic resistance system in the Zipro Neon elliptical bike is characterised by reliability and fault-proofness. Its operation is quiet and smooth, promoting the comfort of your workout. Easy adjustment of 8 resistance levels enables to personalise the workout according to your own needs and advancement. The resistance can be changed easily using a knob at the handlebar handles.

Safe workout

The stable structure, wide stabilisers and non-slip footplates in the Neon elliptical bike ensure safety during your workout. Moving handles, covered with high quality foam, facilitate exercises. Elliptical leg movements do not overload the spine, strengthening the muscles of the back, chest, arms and forearms, abdomen, buttocks and, obviously, legs.

Why it is worth exercising on your elliptical bike at home:

  • You determine the date and duration of your workout
  • You do not lose time travelling to your gym
  • Your workout will be more systematic thanks to your home workout
  • You exercise all muscle groups at the same time
  • You do a pleasant, uncomplicated exercise
  • Your workout offers satisfaction so you try more and more
  • You see positive changes occurring in you
  • The positive response of your friends makes you feel proud

Your workout success thanks to the computer and its features

Monitoring and control

The Neon elliptical bike is equipped with a multi-purpose computer. It monitors all workout parameters which can be observed on a large LCD screen.

If you want to exercise most efficiently, use all the computer features. Check how long your exercise, what distance you covered and how many calories you burned thanks to it. The Scan option offers access to all the information, displaying all data in an alternating fashion.

Precise pulse measurement

The elliptical bike exercise is classified as cardio. This means you support your cardiovascular system when taking care of your figure and fitness.

The computer in Zipro Neon has the pulse measuring function. The sensors are situated on the small handlebar handles thanks to which it is easy to measure the pulse without disturbing your workout.

Technical Specifications

EAN code
Packaging dimentions [mm]
Dimentions (length x width x height) [mm]
Net weight [kg]
Gross weight [kg]
Resistance system
Resistance type
Tention control
Tention control levels
Handle bar
Handle bar holders length adjustment
Handle bar tilt adjustment
Handle spacing (outer / inner) [mm]
560 / 210
Feet base
Step length [mm]*
Feet base spacing [mm]
Feet base size [mm]
Feet base adjustment
Maximum user weight capacity [kg]
Training computer
SCAN Function
Measurement (time, speed, distance, calories)
Measurment (other)
Pulse measurement
Pulse Rate Function
Other Functions
Training Programs
Compatibility with the mobile application
Headphone output Jack 3.5
Computer standard
Auto On/Off
4 sek
Pulse sensors
CE, EN-957-5
2xAAA (included)
4 min
Waterbottle holder
Mobile device stand
24 months