• Assembly problems – correct installation of the front and rear bases

    For convenient transport of the equipment (bicycles and cross trainers) we have included wheels or transport rollers in their front base. The front base is shorter than the back. When mounted correctly, the bases allow you to move your equipment and ensure that it's stable during training.

  • Assembly problems – the equipment doesn't generate resistance

    Equipment (bicycles and cross trainers) with manual resistance adjustment require proper assembly to work properly.

    Below is a general diagram showing correct assembly, together with instructions. Insert the nut of the upper resistance adjustment cable into the opening in the lower resistance adjustment cable mount, pull and tension the upper cable, and slide it through the lower cable bracket in the vertical direction. The cable nut should be mounted on the cable bracket as shown.

    FAQ Połączenie przewodów oporu

  • No instruction manual

    A paper version of the assembly and user manual is attached to each piece of equipment. If lost, you can receive a digital version of the manual by contacting us via the form available in the contact tab of the website. A PDF file with the manual will be sent to the e-mail address provided.

  • How long does it take to assemble the equipment?

    For convenience and safety, the equipment should be assembled by two adults. Set aside between 60 minutes and 2 hours for assembly, depending on the type and model of the equipment.

    All the equipment includes assembly instructions and all the necessary tools. No need to have your own.

  • Poor visibility of information on the computer display

    Poor visibility or no information on the computer display indicates that the battery needs to be replaced.

    Remove the battery cover and replace the old ones with two new ones. Follow the “+” and “-“ signs when placing the batteries in the compartment. If the display doesn't work properly after a restart, remove the batteries for a few minutes and then re-insert them.

    ATTENTION! Used batteries contain harmful substances (such as cadmium, mercury or lead), so do not throw them away with household waste. Take them to an appropriate point for disposal of used batteries.

  • Spare parts

    We offer the sale of spare parts for all types of equipment. Information on availability, price and how to place an order can be obtained by e-mail. Please include the item number from the parts list provided in the manual and the quantity needed in the message. The contact address is hello@zipro.pl


  • Environmental protection

    We ask for your active support in sustainable managing of natural resources and protecting the environment by depositing a used device to a recycling point for used electrical devices.

    Used electrical appliances (including the meter) are recyclable – do not dispose of them in household waste containers, as they may contain substances hazardous to health and the environment.


  • Equipment maintenance

    By taking care of the equipment you increase its usable life and avoid technical problems. Remember to perform regular maintenance to maintain it in a good technical condition and assure high quality of its operation. The following actions should be carried out at least every 20 hours of use.

    • Check moving parts of the device. If they are not sufficiently lubricated, use bicycle bearing grease.
    • In treadmills, check that the belt is centred and tensioned (see how to do this in the instruction manual).
    • Check parts such as bolts and nuts. Make sure they are well tightened.
    • Ensure the device is clean. Wipe sweat from components after every training. Use only soapy water to clean the device. Do not use cleaning agents. Make sure that the monitor doesn't come into contact with water or moisture.
  • Equipment storage

    Store the equipment in a dry and warm closed room. Do not expose the device to direct sunlight.


  • Terms and duration of the warranty

    All ZIPRO equipment is covered by a 24-month manufacturer's warranty, starting from the date of sale. It is granted by the Seller on behalf of the Warrantor in the territory of the Republic of Poland. This warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the Buyer's rights under the Consumer Rights Act.

    The warranty terms are described in detail in the instruction manual.

  • No warranty card

    The warranty card is necessary to make a warranty claim for products purchased in physical stores. In the case of distance sales, the warranty card is valid only based on the proof of purchase document (receipt / invoice). Duplicates of the warranty card are not issued, so we recommend storing the document in a safe place during the warranty period.

  • What to do, if an error occurs?

    If an error or problem occurs while using the equipment, we recommend you first try to determine the cause and, if possible, repair it yourself. The instruction manual provided with the equipment includes a POSSIBLE DAMAGE AND REPAIR TECHNIQUES section, which lists and describes the most common causes of irregularities. It also gives recommendations for dealing with particular cases – from self-repair to contacting a service centre.

    Remember to contact the manufacturer's service centre, if you suspect a malfunction that requires the housing to be opened. Opening the device's casing without first contacting the service centre will void the warranty.

  • Door-To-Door warranty

    ZIPRO equipment is covered by a Door-To-Door warranty. This means that you don't have to worry about transporting the device during a warranty claim. Return shipment of goods in the case of a recognised claim is covered by the Warrantor. A messenger will pick up the product and then deliver it to the address indicated.