Product description

Home workout with the Hulk elliptical bike: why is it worth doing?

 The Hulk elliptical bike is a great exercise device and you should consider it if you think about creating fitness space at home. Using the elliptical bike, you do weight and cardio exercises. You strengthen the most important muscles and, improve your cardiovascular system and overall fitness at the same time.

Product basic features

  • Robust structure with the carrying capacity of up to 150 kg
  • Size optimal for those 140–190 cm tall
  • Guaranteed smooth movements thanks to a magnetic system
  • Easily adjustable resistance level
  • A computer facilitating efficient exercises
  • A stable base ensuring safety during the workout
  • High quality foam on the profiled handles
  • Non-slip surface on the footplates enabling to exercise in comfort
  • Special castors facilitating equipment transport

1099 PLN manufacturer's suggested price
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Workout at home and its benefits

Regular workouts on the Hulk elliptical bike will make you experience improved fitness and wellbeing soon. Characteristic movements during the exercise activate all muscle groups, i.e. of the back, chest, arms and forearms, abdomen, buttocks and, obviously, legs. This means you exercise all parts of the body at the same time, strengthening them and improving their appearance. The workout with an elliptical bike imitates the natural movements of a human body, meaning its is very simple and does not require any extra skills. Elliptical leg movements when moving your arms do not overload the spine. Moving handles support arm movements to ensure significant strengthening of your spine muscles.

Computer as a personal coach

Your workout will be even more effective if you use the features of a computer integrated in your Hulk bike. All parameters and information are displayed on a large LCD screen to enable you to control the duration and intensity of our exercises to ensure the maximum efficiency and, first and foremost, safety for your health. The Scan feature displays your data on the screen alternately, enabling you to analyse your workout in a convenient way.

You can also choose a workout aimed at reaching a preset goal. You can set the duration, distance or calories you want to burn. During your workout you focus on a specific parameter. Reaching your goal is indicated by an audible alarm.

 Your elliptical bike stimulates your cardiovascular system to work faster which is why it is important to check your pulse constantly during your workout. The Hulk elliptical bike has a pulse measurement feature and also offers an audible alarm when it exceeds the maximum value set by you. This makes it an absolutely safe workout form. Carried out regularly, it results in improved health and fitness as well as lost weight.

Technical Specifications

EAN code
Packaging dimentions [mm]
Dimentions (length x width x height) [mm]
Net weight [kg]
Gross weight [kg]
Resistance system
Resistance type
Tention control
Tention control levels
Handle bar
Handle bar holders length adjustment
Handle bar tilt adjustment
Handle spacing (outer / inner) [mm]
620 / 270
Feet base
Step length [mm]*
Feet base spacing [mm]
Feet base size [mm]
Feet base adjustment
3 positions
Maximum user weight capacity [kg]
Training computer
SCAN Function
Measurement (time, speed, distance, calories)
Measurment (other)
Pulse measurement
Pulse Rate Function
Other Functions
Training Programs
Compatibility with the mobile application
Headphone output Jack 3.5
Computer standard
Auto On/Off
6 sek
RPM, Pulse recovery
Pulse sensors
Realtime, temperature, pause
CE, EN-957-5
2xAAA (included)
4 min
Waterbottle holder
Mobile device stand
24 months