Product description

Zipro Vision is a horizontal exercise bike. This is an alternative to standard upright bikes which is worth attention. It offers identical opportunities of regular, efficient workouts improving your figure, overall fitness and condition. What makes it unique, it is a comfortable, wide seat with an ergonomic backrest ensuring extraordinary comfort for the workout. Thanks to it, it is perfect for any home gym.

Product basic features

  • Its stable structure with a high carrying capacity makes this bike good for everyone.
  • Its magnetic resistance system ensures smooth movements during the workout.
  • You decide which of 8 resistance levels you want for cycling.
  • Adjust the exercise difficulty level easily.
  • Thanks to the muffled flywheel cover, your workout does not disturb other residents.
  • Its wide, ergonomic seat enables you to exercise comfortably.
  • Its comfortable, profiled backrest provides excellent support for your spine.
  • The bike structure enables to get on and off it easily once you have finished your workout.
  • The bike can be adjusted to your height thanks to adjusting the distance between the seat and the pedals.
  • You can monitor your pulse throughout the workout thanks to sensors on the handles at the seat.
  • Adjust the straps at the non-slip pedals to ensure your feet are stable.
  • The pedals are balanced thanks to which they are positioned horizontally automatically.
  • Wide stabilisers (front 43 cm, back 50 cm) will ensure safety to you.
  • Transport castors will help you move the equipment to any place at home.


799 PLN
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A new idea for tested exercises

Cycling has never been so comfortable before

No matter what your figure and height is, the Zipro Vision bike is great for home fitness workout for everyone. It has a step adjustment of the distance between the seat and pedals of 77–102 cm. The adjustment is easy and does not require any tools. Your comfort during the workout is ensured by a comfortable, wide seat which, together with an ergonomic backrest, is profiled. This enables to keep a correct posture and takes the load off your spine.

Zipro Vision is equipped with a reliable magnetic resistance system guaranteeing smooth and silent cycling.

Its balanced, self-levelling pedals are covered with a non-slip layer and equipped with adjustable straps to ensure your feet are positioned freely but remain stable when cycling.

A bike has been the most popular device for home fitness workout for a long time. Promote your health, improve your condition and fitness and lose some weight, exercising in a comfortable position on Zipro Vision.

Computer as an electronic coach

The computer installed in the Vision bike enables to monitor your workout course easily to make it the most efficient and to help you achieve the goals set. The large, clear LCD screen shows the most important parameters, e.g. the workout duration, distance covered, calories burnt and the pulse. The SCAN feature enables to assess the workout course comprehensively by alternate changes of the data displayed.

To increase your motivation, choose the challenge mode. Specify your goal for a given session. An alarm from your computer will notify you once you have achieved the preset target point. This can be a distance you want to cover, duration you want to cycle or calories you plan to burn during your workout.  

During your Zipro Vision workout you can also talk to your friends, do business, watch a favourite TV series or listen to music. A handy mobile device stand where you can place your phone will enable you to stay online all the time. A workout in your home gym has never been so pleasant, easy and efficient before!

Technical Specifications

EAN code
Usage class
Packaging dimentions [mm]
Dimentions (length x width x height) [mm]
Net weight [kg]
Gross weight [kg]
Resistance system
Resistance type
Tention control
Tention control levels
Saddle and handle bar
Saddle vertical adjustment (from pedals / ground) [mm]
Saddle horisontal adjustment [mm]
Handle bar adjustment
770-1020 (adjusting the length of the base)
Non-slip pivotable foot-plates with adjustable straps
Maximum user weight capacity [kg]
Training computer
SCAN Function
Measurement (time, speed, distance, calories)
Measurment (other)
Pulse measurement
Pulse Rate Function
Other Functions
Training Programs
Compatibility with the mobile application
Headphone output Jack 3.5
Computer standard
Auto On/Off
4 sek
Pulse sensors
Countdown with a sound signal
CE, EN-957-5
8 min
2xAAA (included)
Waterbottle holder
Mobile device stand
24 months