3-piece massage set

3-piece massage set

Product description

The Zipro Yoga Set massage roller consists of three independent elements - a smooth external roller, a profiled internal roller and a roller with four movable mini rollers. The individual elements fit perfectly together, thanks to which the whole is comfortable to store and transport. Three different types of rollers provide a very wide field of action in self-massage, because they allow you to affect the body with surfaces of different structure and pressure. Roller massage effectively loosens muscle tension, prevents soreness after heavy physical exertion, breaks down thickenings on the connective tissue by stimulating collagen production, and increases the elasticity of the fascia.

Product basic features

  • Dimensions (diameter x length):
    Large roller: 15 x 45 cm
    Medium roller: 10 x 45 cm
    Internal massager with 4 movable rollers: 4 x 45 cm
  • Weight:
    Big roller: 590g
    Medium roller: 120g
    Internal massager: 300g
  • Material: EPE / PVC foam
  • Moisture resistance
  • High resistance to damage
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Loop for easy removal of the inner shaft
  • Shipping dimensions: 46.5 x 16 x 16 cm / 1.25 kg

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Technical Specifications

3-piece massage set
5901793678689 (black) / 5907783039249 (lime green) / 5907783039256 (blue)
5901793678665 (black) / 5907783039201 (green) / 5907783039218 (blue)
5901793678658 (black) / 5907783039188 (green) / 5907783039195 (blue)
Dimentions (length x width x height) [mm]
Net weight [kg]
Packaging dimentions [mm]
Gross weight [kg]
small roller: fi 40, length 450
medium roller: fi 100, length 450
large roller: fi 150, length 450
1.02 (total)
small roller: 0.3
medium roller: 0.12
large roller: 0.59
large roller: fi 140, length 330
small roller: fi 100, length 330
large roller: 646g
small roller: 123g
large roller: 140mm, length. 330mm
small roller: fi 60mm, length 330mm
large roller: 110g
small roller: 26g
EPE foam + PVC
EVA foam / PVC (inside of a large roller)
tabs depth: 8mm